Hiking Vs Walking: A Guide for Beginners

Do you love to explore the world? Then going on a hiking and walking tour will be the best idea for a vacation. It is, however, important that you understand how different these two activities are and how similar they can be. To understand the difference will allow you to easily decide which activity you will eventually choose.


We want you to understand in the simplest term what hiking is about. Hiking is simply about walking on properly marked roads or trails. It has different levels but even though it looks challenging, it isn’t as stressful as walking or trekking. Hikes usually last for about a couple of hours or even for an entire day. Hikes are a great adventure and it is easy to move light without needing to take any gear along or even camp overnight.

Who should go hiking?

The best people that should go hiking are travelers with a keen interest in experiencing adventure without having to exert themselves physically to an extreme level. Going hiking allows you to explore the outdoors walking through the rain and sunshine.


Although trekking may seem a lot like hiking, it is far more difficult because there is a lot of work in it. You don’t just walk for a few hours. Walking can take several days and can even last for weeks. The activity is very strenuous and you will need to use more of your physical ability to accomplish it.

Walking requires that you keep fit so you can make it through the entire trip and you also need mental ability to be able to push yourself to finish the task at hand. Hiking is a leisure activity while walking is more of a challenge where you have to motivate yourself to finish the entire activity.

What type of people should go walking?

This type of activity is meant for people that are willing to go on an adventure while still trying to push themselves. They keep their minds focused on the hope of reaching their final goal. Even though walking can be tiring? These people will wake up the next day and start the activity again.

Now that you know the difference between the two, hopefully this will help you in deciding which suits you best.