Types of Hikes

There are many different types of hikes that you can choose. Here is a list of some of the common types you will hear about.

Day Hike

This hike involves a day at a hiking trail. All you need are supplies for the day like your snacks, water, and first aid supplies in your backpack. It is usually a short hike you go for during the day with a small backpack.

Overnight Hike

Also, as the name suggests, you will need to spend the night outside on the trail and go back home the next day.

Section Hike

Here, a hiker will go through a section of a long distance trail. You can choose which section you want like the Appalachian Trail. Instead of covering the whole length, you just hike through a portion of the trail. The section hiker might spend days, weeks or months on the trail depending on the length.

Thru Hike

This is a hike that involves going through a long distance trail from the beginning to the end. It also takes a very long time depending on the length of the trail.