4 Types of Hikers You Meet on the Trails

If you are considering going hiking, here is something you need to know about the people who go hiking. They are interesting people and you are bound to find these categories of people along the way.

The Healthy Hiker

These hikers started out by using hiking as a way to lose weight or do regular exercises. They figured out that they were able to keep fit physically, mentally and emotionally. They eat healthily and hiking has made them keep looking younger every day. This group looks forward to hiking every time.

The Social Hiker

These group hike as part of their social life. They will check their Facebook calendar for the upcoming hiking events and would love to spend time interacting with other hikers.

The Summit Hiker

These hikers are more concerned about getting to the top. They usually rush their way ahead of other hikers and would prefer to be on solo hikes. They are set on the prize and ready to brag by taking amazing photos with their flags or markers.

The Shopaholic Hiker

These are the group that invests a lot on gear from their backpacks, to their jackets. They usually can’t wait to get their hands on the latest hiking gear.