Hiking Boots or Shoes, Which Should You Go For?

Having the right hiking boots matters a lot especially if you want to enjoy the experience. If you plan on going for hiking that lasts more than a day, you should plan well on the type of boots you will be investing in. It is advisable to know all about hiking boots before you start with your hiking activity to help you choose wisely.

Hiking Boots or Shoes?

There are two varieties of hiking footwear, trekking shoes or trekking boots. There are a group of hikers that believe that one just needs a pair of running shoes but even though they can be comfortable, there is every chance that it won’t be able to protect your feet and ankles, especially on uneven grounds.

The benefit of these running shoes over the boots is that they feel much lighter but boots, on the other hand, offer better protection and support on the ankles. Another thing to consider when going on longer trips where you need to pack light, is that trekking shoes can also pass for city shoes when you need to go for other general activities. It would save up space because you won’t need additional shoes. Trekking boots don’t look so casual which means you would need to pack extra footwear for other things.

Trekking shoes are more suited for day hikes especially on terrains that are easy. Trekking boots will work best for multi-day hiking. Experienced hikers can easily get by wearing lighter shoes.

If you are considering whether to get a hiking boot or shoes to go hiking, boots should be your safe bet.