Different Types of Hikers You Will Meet in the Mountains

You meet different types of people during your hiking or treks. You might know someone who falls into any of these categories or better yet, which one do you belong to?

The Pack Leader

This is usually the leader of the group that organizes the climbing. They are very confident and make you feel like you’re in safe hands. The pack leader is experienced and does the talking with the locals. They are usually the ones to make decisions in case of an emergency.

The Girl/Boy Scout

Most people love these categories of people because they take along with them all the things you forget to bring along with you. They always have everything complete from first aid to food.

The Minimalist

These are extremely different from the girl/boy scouts, they don’t bring along with them too many things. They pack only the things they need and would not really mind wearing the same clothes for days.

The Hardcore Climber

These people will climb a mountain every time they are given a chance to. It doesn’t matter if it is every weekend, they will always go. They time themselves most times to see that they can beat their previous times.