How to make the most of your mountain hiking experience

Most times during hikes, you would hear most people complaining of hunger, cold and tiredness. Many children end up spoiling the entire hiking trip for their parents who probably forced them to come and even some adults too are unable to continue.

There is no need to hurry because the whole idea of hiking is about getting to your destination at your own time. It really doesn’t matter if you choose to walk fast or slow.

You can change your speed, the most important thing is to look at safety. It isn’t wise to follow people. The point is to enjoy the view around you and enjoy the gift of nature.

Another thing to consider when hiking is having the right day pack. If you want to enjoy your experience, then you need to carry along with you a small compass, water bottle, zip lock bag, first aid kit, and other essentials.

It is important not to go into the woods without carrying along with you two essentials which are a pocket knife and a lighter. Also using modern equipment like a space blanket can serve as a shelter for you. Your sleeping bag should always be kept dry because having a wet bag can cause hypothermia.

You can wear the space blanket as a cloak to keep off water and snow in terrible situations.

Also, the clothes you carry along with you on a trail is very important. If you put on long-sleeved shirts and pants, it will keep off bugs from your skin. Even hats will protect you from the bugs. It is very unreasonable to be caught in shorts in a bushy area. Shorts will be more preferable in trails with high altitude. Another good item that is worth investing in is hiking boots which protect your ankles. Many people end up falling down when wearing tennis shoes.

You also have to protect your skin during a hiking trip especially from blisters which are always likely to occur. Using moleskin on the area will provide great relief. You will find out that some hikers actually tape their heels before they go hiking to avoid blisters.

Hiking gets especially very difficult when people get older. It takes a lot of mental energy to motivate yourself to continue the adventure. At the beginning of the journey, hiking may seem very comfortable but there are times everywhere is quiet and there would seem to be no life around. However, you also get to enjoy the view of nature around you from the birds, dears, squirrels as well as other interesting sites like the flowers, trees, etc. When you are surrounded by nature, there is an innate curiosity that comes out which will want you to keep learning more about the things around you.