Knowing The Difficulty Levels in Hiking

Have you ever found yourself in a hike that is extremely difficult for you to handle? Or have you also been for one that seems below your fitness level? It can be difficult to find a balance when it comes to choosing the difficulty level for your hike.

It isn’t sufficient to look at the length of the hike because there are some short hikes that are steep and will be very difficult.

A hike should give you the right challenge whether you plan on hiking on a trail or climbing a mountain. There are some things you will have to consider when choosing a hike.

Difficulty Level

>The difficulty is the general term used for hikes and it includes the distance, terrain, and elevation. Short trails that have very little elevation gain are considered as easy while the longer, steeper and more complex trails fall under the difficult category.


This is the trails that are usually in good condition or well maintained. They have very little elevation gain.


These trails have a steady ascent with some obstacles.


These hikes are longer and have steeper ascents. You will find roots, debris, and rocks in this level.