Planning a hike

Planning a hike does not have to be as daunting as it sounds. It does not mean that you need all kinds of equipment or that you have to start trekking up mountains. It can be something as simple as a walk around a lake. And while items such as walking poles are useful, particularly for those who are fairly new to hiking, they are not essential. So, what do you actually need?

Essentials for a hike

First of all you need to make sure that you are dressed correctly. A good quality pair of walking shoes or boots are essential – as you are off road you never know just how much mud or rain you’ll encounter. Comfortable loose-fitting clothing is also essential. Jeans are a good option as they are hard-wearing, Make sure you have a waterproof jacket with you and a backpack will be needed so that you can carry your lunch and something to drink. Make sure you have water with you too.

While this type of clothing might not be glamorous, it is practical. If your hike is part of a holiday you can always change into something more stylish such as maxi dresses for an evening relaxing in a pub or for a meal in a good restaurant after the hike – think of it as a reward for the effort that you’ve put in. Thinking carefully about the clothes that you need for a trip like this will help you to pack more efficiently and as items such as {maxi dresses) will do for day wear as well as evening wear, they are more versatile than many other items.

Where to hike

The possibilities are endless when it comes to the location for your hike. Snowdonia is a great choice in Wales – so many hills, lakes and trails for you to follow. Why not choose an established short walk for your first hike? A little research online will find you a good starting point and the trail you follow should bring you back to where you started. Why not hike with a few friends and reward yourselves with a drink or meal when you get back? Make sure you keep an eye on the weather conditions though. If you have inexperienced hikers with you then hiking in poor weather is not a good idea. Plan your hike for a time when you know the conditions will be fair and this will be far safer for everyone.