What to pack for a hiking trip

A hiking trip is one of those trips where you think it is easy to figure out what you need to take along, but it is actually more difficult, mainly because you are limited to what you can carry in a backpack. You need to think light because you have to travel light.

Camping gear

If you are hiking and wild camping then you need a small light pop up tent that you can fold down easily and attach to your rucksack. If you are hiking just between hostels or hotels then you will be able to do without the tent. You’ll also need a sleeping bag and food supplies. It may not be practical for you to take along a camping stove, but if you need to light a small fire to boil water and heat up some food then matches will be essential as will a couple of multi-purpose pots and utensils.


Multi-purpose toiletries will also save you a great deal of space in your backpack. A shower gel that also works well as a shampoo, for example, will keep you going for the few days of your trip. Pick up small travel-sized items like toothpaste and toothbrushes. These will be all you need.


If you are a smoker then you might want to take your cigarettes and a lighter, but keep in mind that smoking isn’t a great activity if you are walking or hiking. It can leave you out of breath and struggling to keep up. Why not consider an alternative to smoking? Nicotine pouches such as snus UK are ideal for giving you that hit of nicotine that you are craving without the negative side effects of smoking. Choosing one of the snus uk flavours from the website is easy and your order can be with you in time for your trip.


Keep your packing of clothes very simple. You need hard-wearing clothes such as jeans, and you will definitely need waterproof clothes as the weather cannot be relied upon! Tough walking shoes or boots are a must, although you don’t need to worry about packing these as they’ll be on your feet the whole time. Boot socks to help to protect your feet from chafing and a couple of changes of clothes are all you need. When you do stop over at a hotel or hostel you can make use of the washing facilities to make sure you don’t have to go more than a day or two without a clean change of clothes.

Once you have all of this sorted all you have to do is enjoy your trip. Plan your route carefully and don’t forget to take along maps or your smartphone so you can access GPS data.